Go joyfully potty!

At Joypots we’re on a mission to bring joy through our fantastic range of confectionery. Offering a splendid choice of mouthwatering flavours blending some old favourites with a joyful twist.
Our traditional pots are joyfully produced using only the finest ingredients and hand packed in the UK.
From Coconut Ice to Dark Chocolate Gooseberries we are sure you’ll find your favourite pot of Joy!

Our exciting range of Joypots are perfect for snacking or as a gift and with resealable lids your treats will be kept joyfully fresh. We offer 26 mouth watering varieties to tingle your taste buds so come on and spread the Joy!

Our pots are made from recycled materials and are recyclable.

Our delicious selection of Joybags offer a taste explosion to treat everyone’s taste buds! With 36 varieties ranging from Dark Chocolate coated Gooseberries to Tiramisu coated Cashews you really are in for a Joyful treat!

Feel Fruity is a true innovation in the confectionery shelf! Thanks to the gentle process of freeze-drying, almost all natural aromas and vitamins are retained in the fruits. The fruits are then covered with finest chocolate which forms the perfect combination of fruit and chocolate. Feel Fruity is the new unique taste experience with a crunch guarantee - for pure natural enjoyment for coffee and also ideal as a gift.